Lotpot Kids Festival

Start the New Year with a special weekend for the whole family.

Specially, for children ages 1 – 14, there will be fun educational experiences for all.

Skilled facilitators will guide your youngsters on a journey of creativity and intellectual adventure.

Music, Dance, Science, Writing, Art, Games; there is something for every child.

Your youngsters will express themselves, develop current interests and learn new talents while they make friends.

Instill in them the values of creative expression, raise their self-awareness, and know by the smiles you see that their time at Zorba the Buddha will be one of their fondest family memories.

Escape from the city and spend time in the natural beauty that is Zorba the Buddha connecting with like-minded parents and exposing your children to a healthier way of life.

All Day Long- Block Printing, Gardening, Puzzles, Doodle Wall, Photo Booth, Games, Message Wall, Food Stalls (on payment), Merchandise stalls.


  • Laughing-Tumbling Sessions
  • Interaction with Jatin Das, the renowned painter
  • Let’s Talk with Parul- Baatein Dil Se for tweenies and parents, facilitated by Parul Ohri of Mompresso
  • What’s Your “Parent Type”? with Author Richa Jha
  • Story Writing with author Anupama Jain
  • Quirky Garment Creation and Ramp Walk with NIFT designer
  • Drum Circle

For the Parents – Conscious Parenting

How to understand the emotional intelligence EQ and IQ of your child.

Facilitators will work with the parents to develop communication skills with their children.

As a parent you will be shown how to see, engage and develop the talents of your child. You will fully appreciate the beauty, grace and individuality that is your child.

Parents and children enjoy each other’s company bonding and making beautiful memories.

Parents will also be offered sessions and workshops for: Mandala, Macrame, Dance, Ramp Walk Fashion Show.

Paid sessions- Tarot Card reading, Massage, Tai Chi are also available.


Tushar Tamhane

Mr. Tushar Tamhane has been a School Educator by choice for almost last 30 years and a Hands-on Science Educator (an EXPERIENTIAL LEARNER) since the early days of his Career in the field of School Education, when he had direct experiences with Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme of Eklavya, Hoshangabad.

A Recipient of the (1992 – 93) Commonwealth Award for Science, Technology and Mathematics Teachers (CASTME) for his work, has taught Science & Mathematics in some of the most creative schools in India & mentored and coached teachers n school leaders. Tushar has been leading inquiry based Science programs across the country.

Seema Wahi Mukherjee

Seema Wahi Mukherjee is an International Storyteller, a Storytelling Trainer & Facilitator, an experiential & integrated Education Consultant, and an innovative Toy & Puppet Designer.

Seema believes that stories sow magical seeds to bridge, bind and heal the world. She has versatile experience in engaging children and adults, of diverse backgrounds at different National and International platforms.

Seema finds the process of visualizing and crafting stories, different puppets, dolls, and props exhilarating. She also conducts workshops in creative writing, puppetry and storytelling for all age groups.

Anupama Jain

Anupama Jain is the author of ‘When Padma Bani Paula’, a breezy novel about second chances of life and the importance of staying true to one’s Roots. (Published By Readomania) Anupama, a top power-contributor, was listed as one of the 10 Indian women bloggers, a feminist must follow, by Women’s Web, July 2017.

Her short tale of 27 words was one of the top 5 #100wordstory 2018, @momspresso.Her story on marital morass was one of the top 14 blogs of 2017 out of the 18,000+ blogs published annually at momspresso.com.

Anupama writes a satirical piece at readomania.com – ‘AJ Wants to Know’ taking on the quirky world around with its vagaries.Her favorite genre is humour.

Paul Ohri

Paul Ohri is the Chief Editor and founding member of Momspresso, India’s largest content platform for mums. Parul combines her core strength in content creation, the unique ‘mums’ perspectives and insights from interactions with thousands of bloggers, to create messaging that is progressive and realistic, smashing stereotypes pushed by commercial media for years.

She has also anchored over 200 panel discussions, live social media sessions with other mothers and experts and also interviews with several inspirational thought leaders.

On Women’s Day 2019, Parul launched Momspresso’s very own talk show, ‘Let’s Talk with Parul’. The talk show stands for Momspresso’s vision to be a driving force of inspiration for women and aims at taking up issues that impact their lives, but are rarely spoken about.

Each topic leads to thought-provoking conversations with the accomplished guests on the panel – whether an expert, a celebrity, a survivor, an inspirational personality or the quintessential mom-next-door, but each one with a personal story of strength and inspiration.

‘Let’s Talk with Parul’ is produced in partnership with Facebook and is broadcast live from the Facebook Studio every fortnight.

Arun & Varun Magician

Arun Varun are Delhi Based Magician. They discovered the group when in college.

We are here to offer you an Artistic experience to remember. We are the First Ever Duo Magicians of India and specialized in Mentalism with Story Telling while performing.

Our performances are designed in the form of stories, with moments that make the audience both surprised and laugh while creating an everlasting impression on their minds.


Hiten Noonwal is a Delhi based designer and artist. His experience in Huate Couture and expressionism is bonds way good. He is not less than a celebrity often can be seen in best of the clubs in Delhi.

I don’t do fashion, I am fashion says Hiten as a quote to express his passion and styling.


Gajendra is a trained bollywood dancer based out in Moradabad.

He has Assisted

• Mr. Amardeep Singh Natt Dance Celebrity, Choreographer Mumbai.

• Mr. Jeet Singh Choreographer and Dance Director Mumbai.

• Mr.Vishwakant Singh Ballet Dancer, Choreographer New Delhi.

• Miss. Vasundhara Negi ChoreographeratDanceworx and Dancer at Navdhara Indian Dance Theatre Mumbai.

Date: 25th-26th January, 2020

Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Dinner/Lunch: Lunch

Contact: Seema (+91 9818212932)

Contact: Arvinda (+91 9910461041)

Email: lotpot@gmail.com

Please call between: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

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