Maha Shivratri (Tantra Festival)

Welcome to the Maha Shivratri Tantra Festival at Zorba the Buddha, Delhi.

This festival is happening during the auspicious days of Maha Shivratri when Shiva & Shakti had a tantric union.

It is a sacred time to embrace the transformative power of tantra in the presence of heightened cosmic vibrations.

This festival will blossom the sensuality and intimacy with self, life & relationships.

It is a great time for a new beginning for love, sensuality, connections & play.

Imagine a space charged with this high energy for people to open up, build authentic, nourishing Connections..

In this 7 Days & 6 Nights residential festival, we will be exploring the inner masculine and feminine in a playful way with Tantric meditations.

Zorba the Buddha is one of the largest open-faith spiritual centres in the world which has hosted up to 400 programs in a year.


Teachers & Facilitators

Afke (Netherlands)

Ashwin (India)

Luba (USA)

Grace (India)

Hubertus Sidharth (Austria)

Antonia Neelam (Austria)

Dev Prem (India)

Sonam (India)


Embracing the Wisdom of Tantra

-Tantra reduces Shame and Stress relating to Sexuality which Deepens Intimacy.

-It helps people become more Magnetic to create more fulfilling lives.

-Tantra heals emotional wounds which prevent us from connecting with self and others.

-It enhances Natural Wildness and creativity.


-Workshops related to Sensuality and Deepening Intimacy

-Love Lounge for connections Heart

-Tantric Breathwork for peace

-Third Eye Sensitization to build Will and Intuition

-Shamanic Sweat Lodge -Purification Ceremony

-Dance Party

-OSHO Meditations

-Workshops to build authentic connections

-Blue Lotus Ceremony

-Sexual Alchemy

-Tantric Practice for Lovers

-Tantra Yoga

-Sacred Cacao Ceremony

-Healing Rituals

-Musical and Dance Performances

-Talent Show


*These themes/sessions are indicative and may change.


One can arrive as a couple wanting to deepen their connection or a single wishing to interact more with other participants.

Program Schedule

Arrival: 05th March, 12:00 Noon

Departure: 11th March, 02:00 PM after Lunch



7, Tropical Drive

Ghitorni, M. G. Road

New Delhi – 110030



Anita: 9717299973

Charu: 9971119140

Shilesh: 9773521700

Disha: 9311958351

Jyoti: 9311958348

Ranjana: 9717299985

Kanika: 9311958352


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