Individual Sessions : Music Vocal Class with Avi Adir

You are welcome to join my individual music lessons at Zorba The Buddha New Delhi.

For anyone who is directing their intention into making music, using their voice, flutes, drums, or any other musical instrument, at any level.

I’ll share with you the space that I found for my musical journey and the experience of letting life energy transform itself into sound rhythms and melodies.

I’ve been an active musician and artist since a very young age, and since then I never stopped playing music from my heart.

On top of writing and composing songs, my main search and experience are in playing authentic music from the moment, as it flows naturally throughout our existence.

I have given endless number of concerts throughout my life, and in the last ten years, I gathered and led many different groups of ‘free your voice’-workshops around the world. Now I’m focusing more on individual online lessons, helping people to open their inner music-ability, using their voice as a musical instrument for free flow improvisation.


Having seen and traveled the world Avi Adir has been inspired by its vibration. Loosened from identification to any nation or country, his music arises from the core, an ancient Sufi spiritual blend into a divine connection with a deep emotional expression. His forte is to create a genuine experience sharing a fusion of composition and improvisation at the same time.

 Avi Adir’s majestic usage of authentic voice emphasizes his sensitive assembly. He carries the listener into a celestial realm. Connecting middle-east acoustics far over to the classical east and ancient western roots onwards to the pure channel of existence. A magnificent free-flow sound garden to touch and inspire the audience in their own creativity and musicality builds up as the multi-instrumentalist shares the natural love to sing and dance.

Avi Adir plays Bouzouki, Silver Flute, Bansuri, Duduk, Shakuhachi, Ney, and Harmonica, through which the energy is directed into a seemingly endless versatile momentum, where the stream of presence is constantly unfolding in the space. 

His experience as a musician over decades invites the audience into a promising concert of holistic entertainment. His performance varies from playing in concert halls, and festivals to yoga and art, spiritual events in a conventional concert format, and sound healing meditation format.




Date: 18th May – 20th May, 2022

Timings: 09:30 AM – 7:30 PM

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