Opening To Love (Tantra Festival)

India Tantra festival will support more sensuality and intimacy with self, life and relationships.

This 6-day residential festival is brought to you during new moon which is an ideal time for a fresh start to do the inner work, socialise and celebrate.

Imagine a space charged with the tantric energy for people to open up, build authentic, nourishing Connections.

We will be exploring the inner masculine and inner feminine in a playful way with Shiv Shakti meditations.

Organised in India by Zorba the Buddha, one of the largest open faith spiritual centres in the world which has hosted up to 400 programs in a year.


International teachers :

Ishi,  Carol,  Luba Evans, Dr Yaron Ziv,  Ashwin Bharti  Luca , Kristine and the list will grow.


Embracing the Wisdom of Shiva Sutras :

  • Reduces Shame and Stress relating to Sensuality and Deepens Intimacy
  • Helps people become more Powerful and Magnetic to create more fulfilling lives.
  • Heals emotional wounds which prevent us from connecting with self and others.
  • Enhances Natural Wildness & Creativity.

Highlights :

  • Workshops related to Sensuality and Deepening Intimacy
  • Dance for Joy
  • Love Temple for connections
  • Biodanza for opening the Heart
  • Shamanic Breathwork for emotional release
  • Third Eye Sensitisation to build Will and Intuition
  • Shamanic Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony
  • Dance Parties
  • Workshops to build authentic connections
  • A.U.M for emotional cleansing
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Healing Rituals
  • Artist Performances
  • Talent Show


One can arrive as a couple wanting to deepen their connection or single wishing to interact more with other participants.

Program Dates-

Arrival: 9th Dec 2023, Saturday, 12:00 PM

Departure: 15th Dec 2023, Friday, 2:00 PM



7, Tropical Drive

Ghitorni, M. G. Road

New Delhi – 110030


Call  +91 7307216466, 9311958350, 9717299973


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