OSHO Purnima Festival 

OSHO is the master of masters, a modern day mystic whose wisdom, rebellious spirit and humour has transformed the lives of millions around the globe.

His teachings liberated people from the shackles of religion and conformity to prepare for a life of celebration and bliss.

Traditional methods for transformation could not be used as is for the new humanity, because it has changed so much in the last century.

Osho created dynamic techniques and meditations imbibing the spirit of the Eastern methods and therapies of the West.


Why Join OSHO Festival?

  • The workshops will help us to release repressed emotions to feel more joyful and lighter.
  • The 7-day residential festival has many workshops to enhance creativity to enter the happy zone.
  • We get to surround ourselves with people with similar vibe and mindset.
  • Let’s experience a new, thriving culture which will help break patterns that are not serving us anymore.
  • We’ll stop and reflect to understand our true potential.
  • Let’s join the festivities to rejuvenate and go back re-energized to the world.
  • OSHO active meditations will help us to get clarity on major life decisions.
  • We’ll relax and unwind to improve our relationships and prosperity.









Transformational Workshops                                             

  • Osho Active Meditations
  • Maha Mudra
  • A.U.M. Humanversity                                                            
  • Atisha Heart Sutra
  • Inner Child Healing + Breathwork
  • Opening to Intuition            
  • Energy Blast


Circles, Gatherings & Ceremony                                                                                         

  • Sharing Circles
  • White Robe gatherings
  • Osho Initiation Ceremony
  • Q&A                             


Dance, Theatre & Art Workshops                                                                                     

  • Theatre
  • Bhangra Dance
  • T-shirt Painting


Special Events     

  • Third Eye Sensitization                                                
  • Sound Healing
  • Talent Show
  • Dance Parties
  • Drum Circle
  • Shamanic Sweat Lodge                


Cultural Performances                                                      

  • Musical Recital by Nabeel & Khans
  • Divine Recital by Muktiverse
  • Old Bollywood Songs by Sangh
  • Sufi & Soul Songs by Mahima and Goldie

Facilitators and Healers  

  • Ashwin Bharti
  • Megha & Raghav
  • Nidhi Rastogi
  • Nirav Jayant
  • Prem Deepak
  • Nathalia &Sarjeet
  • Lifang Huang
  • Dr NavRatan Gautam
  • Nazm Kaur
  • Amardeep Kumar
  • Osama


Dates : The festival starts on July 12 at 3:00pm and ends at 10:00am on July 18, 2022.

There is a special fee for the first 10 registrations.

There are a few partial scholarships for students, women, and professional artists.

There are also some volunteering opportunities.


Please contact:

Maitri : +91 9311958348

Shuniya : +91 9311958352

Shubham : +91 93119 02245  

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