P²~ Presence Workshop with Sacred Expression

It all begins and ends with YOU.

Discover you and open your heart to experience the gift of the present moment.

What is P²?

 P² is an exploration through movement meditation, conscious communication, partner mirroring, breathing with awareness, and so much more. P² Practices aim to shift you from person to presence, where you will connect to your body and shed the masks of your personality.

 What you get:


Awaken and step into your power. Learn how to take responsibility for your decisions and actions.


You are safe and held. Let go into your vulnerability. Let’s wake each other up out of our slumber.


Speak and from your heart. Connect deeply with others. Listen to your intuition. Go within and explore.

1I6A1813-1In her own words:“I’ve first handily experienced the power and transformation of P²~Presence Workshops. I practice self-discovery by observing my breath, emotions,  thoughts and movements.

My purpose and joy is to help awaken and guide you to find more presence in your life. Together, we step into freedom, one breath at a time.”

Date & Timing : 25th March, 2017 (5.30 PM – 8.00 PM)


Contact : Archana
Phone : +91-9654327230
Email : connect@zorbathebuddha.org

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