Past Life Journeys


We begin the journey of the soul by meeting your Inner Child, before regressing back into your past lives, to bring clarity and new found meanings, overcome phobias, fears, nightmares, pain and perhaps even physical conditions by releasing blocked energy from past life traumas. Access the non-physical dimension of the Akashic Records, where all your soul’s past, present and future thoughts, words and actions are imprinted. Experience the spiritual dimensions as pure energy, where souls go to after death, and meet soul groups, spiritual Masters and guides and understand the play of Karma and realize that you are immortal.


6:30 pm – 8:30pm*Inner Child Healing meditation: the inner child is an individual’s childlike aspect. It includes what a person learned as a child, before puberty. If you experienced neglect, trauma, or other emotional pain, your inner child might seem small, vulnerable, and in need of protection. You may have buried this pain deep to hide it and protect yourself — both your present self and the child you once were.. we regress back to find that child whom most of us have forgotten or simply brushed aside.


6:30 pm – 8:30pm: * Past Life Regression concerning a Personal Issue/Question.  

All of us go through challenges in life. Through Past Life Regression, we journey back to a past life, directly related to an issue we currently face, to bring clarity and healing.


6:30 pm – 8:30pm: * Past Life Regression on Fears & Phobias Traumatic events in a past life that are not resolved are usually carried over into the next life as stuck energy and this usually manifests in phobias or physical symptoms.

Through Past Life regression, we will journey back to the root cause of our fears and phobias originating from a past life in order to heal the irrational fears and phobias that haunt us.


6:30 pm – 8:30pm: *The Akashic Records The Akashic Records, also known as “The Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrance,” can be equated to the universe’s super-computer system–or perhaps what today would be called cloud computing. These records contain our every thought, deed, word, feeling, and intent. They have a tremendous influence on our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings, our belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. 

Through an altered state of consciousness, we will access the Akashic Records to gain clarity and answers to any issues that may be affecting our life.


6:30 pm – 8:30pm: *Life between Lives Regression.

A deep hypnotic regression that takes you to that special time when your soul is in spirit form between incarnations. During Life between Lives Regression, you experience yourself as immortal soul, meet with your Spirit Guides, Soul group and the Soul Council, who help you explore your soul lesson, life purpose etc; This is a profound life transforming experience where many experience healing, unconditional love and feeling of Oneness.


Facilitator’s Bio: Tertia Sandhu

Tertia is a certified Master in Past life Regression Therapy, Certified NLP Practitioner (NFNLP, USA), Certified Mokshapata Reader.

She’s also an Artist, writer & an authentic spiritual seeker. Tertia had many unique Life Experiences: Astral travelling and Out of body Experiences.


Dates : 28th April – 2nd May, 2021 (6:30 PM – 8:30 PM)

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