The Shakti Festival will create a safe space where the Divine Feminine, embodied in every woman, can emerge to express herself in multidimensional ways.

We have an array of world class teachers from several different countries, all of whom are experienced in nurturing Shaktis to find their hidden treasures, be it through active and silent meditations, ritual and celebration, sharing, conscious touch, devotional singing, and dancing.

Our eco-village of Zorba the Buddha, on the lush, green outskirts of New Delhi, forms the ideal setting for invoking your divinity. India is the land where Shakti has been worshiped from pre-historic times. What better place to celebrate than in the land of the yogini and dakini!

Women are deeply empathic, bonded and connected. It is encoded in our biological program to love and nurture. This Shakti Fest offers us the possibility to be nurtured, to discover our beauty and potential and to embrace our Goddess Nature.


  • Join a powerful circle of women
  • Unveil the mysteries of the sacred feminine
  • Explore your sensuality in a safe and sacred space
  • Discover Tantric, Taoist, Sufi and Shamanic practices
  • Receive transmissions from world-renowned teachers
  • Personal sessions with teachers, healers and therapists
  • Enjoy the lush, green surroundings of Zorba the Buddha
  • Indulge in heart-warming organic cuisine
  • Immerse yourself in an array of music and dance performances
  • Share your stories
  • Awaken your inner Goddess


Elemental Healing Ancient Healing for Modern Times by Tarisha

A Shamanic experience of HEALING and PROTECTION

Rebalance your system and attune to the basic elements of life.

Earth – How grounded do you feel?

Air – Do you have the space to be who you are?

Fire – Are you full or depleted? Where is your yes to life?

Water – Can you relax and let go into what life is showing you at this time?

I will ask how you are then invite you to lie down, making you comfortable. Tuning in to you, I open to the power of spirit and healing using:



Ayurveda Yoga Massage by SAMYA

This body work based on the principles of Ayurveda, is a unique combination of different healing techniques, customized to the individual requirements.

Through deep tissue massage as a way to release muscular stress and passive yoga stretches for realignment, this work detoxifies the body and activate the innate healing capacity.

Since the approach of this work is meditative and held in a space of presence and respect, it balances the subtle energies and leave the receiver in a state of profound peace, inner rootedness, self love and acceptance.

Akashic Records Session by AGAPI

We all hide deep inside of us a beautiful Divine Essence called “Higher Self”, “Spirit”, etc. that we are able to communicate by using our intuition. Through these sessions you can connect with that Sacred Part of yours, that resides behind your personality, your expectations, your believes, your emotions.

Agapi will help you to receive the information that you need to hear on that specific moment of your life, without any interference of any part that it is not your Higher – Sacred Self. The information can cover all aspects and sectors of your life and can help you discover the real reasons that influence the way you create your reality and make the changes you need in order to manifest a better quality of life.

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Detox Massage) by Caroline

Chi Nei Tsang is more than a massage, in fact is a energetic, strengthening and detoxification treatment focused hands on the visceral organs, which will has a tremendous positive effect in the entire body and mind. In practical terms Chi Nei Tsang is vey beneficial for: relieving intestinal blockages, cramps, knots, lamps, scar tissues, menstrual cramps, poor blood circulation, back pain, infertility, impotence, headaches and many other problems.

Nutrition and Health Coaching by Caroline

Caroline offers one-on-one nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching. During the session, she will discuss about your health, life style and your goals, in order to find a perfect diet and manageable routine, to make you feel and look Amazing!! These sessions can be combined with Chi Nei Tsang for even deeper results.

Is this really for you?

Do you feel confused about what and when you should eat?
Are you tired of relying on coffee to get you through the day?
Do you want to feel healthier but don’t know where to begin?
Would you like to improve your levels of happiness and wellness?

Rebirthing Breathwork by MELA

– breathe yourself free-private consultations in conscious connected energy breathing

– learn how to free yourself from old beliefs

– overcome your birth-traumas

– learn more about your personal law

– become more conscious and alive with your breath

– learn to be happy with yourself

– experience the power of affirmations

– leave with simple tools for connecting with your true self

The simple technique of the conscious connected breath deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, patterns, negative thoughts and emotions. It helps us to open up the doors for a new life and greater consciousness.

You will be guided and fully supported in this breathing session. Lying on a mat, breathing on your own you will be going on a journey into the breath. The experience may bring up any kind of emotions or traumas up to completely blissful journeys. Your subconscious knows exactly what you can deal with and where you need to go. Together we raise the awareness within the process, breathe through and finally let it go. This technique is a profound tool to release old patterns, to connect deeper with your heart and to see more clear who you really are.


Shakti Fest India - A Goddess Gathering for the new world : Would you like to know more?

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Join a powerful circle of women

2Unveil the mysteries of the sacred feminine

3Explore your sensuality in a safe and sacred space

4Discover Tantric, Taoist, Sufi and Shamanic practices

5Receive transmissions from world-renowned teachers

6Personal sessions with teachers, healers and therapists

7Enjoy the lush, green surroundings of Zorba the Buddha

8Indulge in heart-warming organic cuisine

9Immerse yourself in an array of music and dance performances

10Share your stories

11Awaken your inner Goddess


Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra Master, Author and founder of ‘Tantra Essence’ an organisation that helps to bring Tantra to the wider world through a team of highly gifted teachers. She facilitates Tantra Groups for couples, a Tantra Teacher Training and Tantra groups for individuals (including a 9 day retreat on the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra). Sarita teaches a 4 part Empowered Woman’s Training and has been working with women from all over the world, helping women discover her true Goddess nature. Sarita lived in Osho’s community from 1973—1998 and received much personal guidance from him on meditation and relationship and she also worked as his Medium during his ‘Energy Darshan’. She travels and teaches in many different countries sharing the Tantra Transmission, inviting people everywhere to discover the divine union of love and meditation.


Laurie is a Sex and Happiness Coach, author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller Sex & Happiness. Through her company Butterfly Workshops, she offers sexual health and awareness courses plus leadership courses for corporations and individuals throughout the world. For over a decade, she has hosted a weekly radio show Sex and Happiness where she discusses all topics about sex. She has also produced and starred in two independent films. Her current focus is on Sexual Ecstasy at Any Age. She spends a great amount of her time learning about Radical Life Extension.


Lin started her spiritual journey early in life. With her home deep in the swedish forests it was natural to her to find the shamanistic path and to learn how to listen to the animated life in the wilderness in the woods. She started the practise of yoga during her first pregnancy and discovered a pain free and exstatic delivery. This discovery led her to a deep fascination and admiration of the female body and its powers. Her journey brought her to India where she studied yoga, therapy and tantra with scholars, nuns and mystics for a few years. She is also educated in NLP, massage, she is a doula (spiritual midwife) and nutritionist. The journey of yoga brought her i deep contact with the science of the body, breath and movement but it was not until she found the practise of tantra that she really found her deep truth.

Tantra led to a powerful awakening of shakti. A journey that made her change her view on life from doing to being. From performing to receiving. After kundalini awoken her path has been the path of her true hearts calling. Lin is dedicated to work with women as the love revolution will come from the enlightened mother, the divine mistress and the matriarch. She leads courses in feminine leadership and empowers women all over the world to trust their intuition and strengths as well as to work with opening to their own sexual energy – removing sexual shame, pain and lack of libido.

Lins dream is to wake up in a world of peace – and her truth is that peace can not be created trough resistance of war. Peace can only be created trough love and the world needs a revolution of love – right now. That revolution starts with YOU!


Tanmaya is offering work for women, based on her own journey as a woman into loving herself and tuning in with the divine feminine.

Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. She initially studied as an actress and singer before falling in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities. She has studied extensively with Tantra master Ma Ananda Sarita for several years and is now teaching in both India and Europe. Her playful approach to teaching is balanced by her profound depth of experience in Meditation and healing. It is her passion to help women embrace their nature and awake their true potential for love, ecstasy and orgasmic bliss.

Tarisha is both a singer and songwriter of exceptional talent. She is everyone’s soul sister, calling us to come out of our shells and enter into a divine rapture of sound and silence. Her exquisite voice carries us to the heights of the soul and back again to our shamanic earth. Her range of expression is simply awesome. Tarisha will be composing a special Festival Song, and slowly, day by day this song will evolve into a several part harmony, including movements, connections and dance, creating a magic spell of enchantment.

Sukhvinder Sircar is a powerful midwife of feminine awakening, initiating deep journeys for women to meet the divine feminine. Her signature workshops called ‘Joyous Woman’ is a three part depth work with the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, culminating in Sacred Union~ Inner Marriage. Her training in process work and applied behavioural science, and her initiation into spirituality 21 years ago gives her facilitation a depth and profundity that allows participants to touch their own inner truth. She is also a life and somatic coach. She believes that to meet the goddess, you must become the goddess. ​

In her work to reclaim the feminine she takes the women back into their bodies and wombs. Her Sacred Womb Initiation begins an entirely new journey for women as Shakti.

Her writings can be found in her blog:


was born in Brasil and is currently living and teaching in various resorts in Bali. Caroline is a true wellness activist. She believes a healthy outside starts from the inside. She is devoted to yoga, nutrition, detox and wellness, empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has always been a source of energy, connection, peace and self-development in her life. She completed her 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in the Mysore style in India in 2009 with Barath Sheety and has since completed her advanced level (500-hr) training. Recently she has completed a (300-hr ) training with  Everet Newel at Zuna Yoga School.

Along the way, Caroline has been studying and practicing many healing arts such as Naturopathy, NLP, Ayurveda, Health – Nutrition Coaching and various massage techniques.

Through her holistic approach and knowledge Caroline has developed a unique yoga style. She believes everyone is unique and only an approach supporting individual qualities can lead to well-being. She encourages her students to build a solid foundation with correct alignments and synchronized breath, uniting body, mind and soul into one dance, one sound.

She is a multidisciplinary performing artist, educator and choreographer. While originally from Italy she has spent the last 17 years traveling and living in Europe, India and China.

Her artistic path has been influenced by many different cultures and is deeply intertwined with her self-inquiry, spiritual practices and philosophy. Her dance practice is mainly inspired by Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition Techniques, Experiential Anatomy, Body-Mind Centering, Body Work, Yoga, Meditation and Singing Practices. The main theme of her movement research is Improvisation. 

She believes that a healthy and creative relationship to the body can generate awareness, trust and authenticity in our lives as individual and as collectives. She performs and directs dance performances combining movement, live music and text.

Her choreographies are used in theaters, site specific performances, galleries, fashion shows and video projects. She regularly offers trainings in dance universities, schools and cultural institutes in Europe and Asia. 

Samya is a certified yoga therapist and yoga practitioner for last 15 years as well as an ayurveda-yoga massage therapist and reflexologist. In her sessions Samya combines her vast experience of bodywork together with her love for the body. Her sessions can enhance your well being on the levels of Body, Mind and Soul.

Agapi guides people into a journey of self-transformation and self-love through connecting. Throughout her sessions Agapi truly holds a sacred space connected to your higher self with the intention to transmit anything that her clients need in order to heal their childhood traumas, reconnect with their real Self and access the fields of Unconditional love!

Mela holds space for her clients to explore the power of the breath in a vulnerable space. In her sessions clients will explore the depths of breath, trust, touch and an awareness of their whole body.


Date & Time :  

Check in : 8th Dec 2017 (12.00 PM)

Check out :  13th Dec 2017 (04.00 PM)


Contact : Bobby
Phone : +91 9654324972

Women are deeply emphatic, bonded and connected. It is encoded in our biological program to love and nurture. This Shakti Fest offers us the possibility to be nurtured, to discover our beauty and potential and to embrace our Goddess Nature.


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*** We are offering scholarships to artistes and students.

Shakti Fest India - A Goddess Gathering for the new world : Would you like to know more?

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