The Shakti Festival will create a safe space where the Divine Feminine, embodied in every woman, can emerge to express herself in multidimensional ways.

We have an array of world class teachers from several different countries, all of whom are experienced in nurturing Shaktis to find their hidden treasures, be it through active and silent meditations, ritual and celebration, sharing, conscious touch, devotional singing, and dancing.


  • Join a powerful circle of women
  • Unveil the mysteries of the sacred feminine
  • Explore your sensuality in a safe and sacred space
  • Discover Tantric, Taoist, Sufi and Shamanic practices
  • Receive transmissions from world-renowned teachers
  • Personal sessions with teachers, healers and therapists
  • Enjoy the lush, green surroundings of Zorba the Buddha
  • Indulge in heart-warming organic cuisine
  • Immerse yourself in an array of music and dance performances
  • Share your stories
  • Awaken your inner Goddess

Our eco-village of Zorba the Buddha, on the lush, green outskirts of New Delhi, forms the ideal setting for invoking your divinity. India is the land where Shakti has been worshiped from pre-historic times. What better place to celebrate than in the land of the yogini and dakini!

Shakti Fest India - A Goddess Gathering for the new world : Would you like to know more?

  • *A Women-only Festival

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Join a powerful circle of women

There is something very healing and powerful when a group of women join and sit in circle time. We become each others witnesses and are comforted and often healed by each others stories and presence. Even just speaking your story out loud has the power to transform things and help process life events.

2Unveil the mysteries of the sacred feminine

Open Your Heart to the Greatest Love You’ve Ever Known. Experience the deep connection and intimacy of Sacred Love. Feel the ecstasy of a peaceful, accepting relationship with yourself and others, Embrace your feminine essence and intuitive heart-wisdom, and Ignite your leadership and call forth your infinite source of power.

3Explore your sensuality in a safe and sacred space

We are all born sensual creatures. Sensuality has the potential to become even more intense with time; it is our ability to connect to, awaken, and embody pleasure through sight, taste, smell, touch, sound. So how exactly do we work to become sensually awakened and embodied women? By gifting ourselves an abundance of connection, love, adoration, healing, and most importantly, pleasure.

4Discover Tantric, Taoist, Sufi and Shamanic practices

WOMEN are the custodians of love they embody the nurturing principle of life. As a woman this fest can offer you – an opening to the true power of the heart – to learn how to open up to full body orgasmic states –  to experience the bliss of sexual energy flowing in tune with our heart – to enhance your female essence and energy – a safe held space to find your unique expression of your female sensuous being. 

5Receive transmissions from world-renowned teachers

We have an array of world class teachers from several different countries, all of whom are experienced in nurturing Shaktis to find their hidden treasures, be it through active and silent meditations, ritual and celebration, sharing, conscious touch, devotional singing, and dancing. 

6Personal sessions with teachers, healers and therapists

There will be experiential workshops & opportunities for personal sessions with healers and therapists. These sessions will help you to by providing you spiritual guidance, advice, direction, healing and reassurance for all areas of your life.

7Enjoy the lush, green surroundings of Zorba the Buddha

Our eco-village of Zorba the Buddha, on the lush, green outskirts of New Delhi, forms the ideal setting for invoking your divinity. India is the land where Shakti has been worshiped from pre-historic times. What better place to celebrate than in the land of the yogini and dakini!

8Indulge in heart-warming organic cuisine

Here, at Zorba the Buddha, we make sure that we create a healthy lifestyle for all by providing sumptuous vegetarian food. Speciality dishes will be prepared with love and devotion.

9Immerse yourself in an array of music and dance performances

This multicultural entertainment spectacle features legends and lore galore, a glittering array of dance & musical performances.

10Share your stories

We connect through stories. Through sharing of our experiences, we discover our common humanity. Our fears, desires, dreams, and hopes. We begin to see the threads that weave through all of our lives. We are all interconnected. So, this is a place for us to share our stories, our experiences, and the wisdom we have gained throughout.

11Awaken your inner Goddess

Your Inner Goddess is you, but she is you at the core of who you are. She is all of your potential. She is the woman you were meant to be. She cares little for what other people think. She listens to the music of her soul and she dances to it. She has walked through fire and emerged, if not unscathed, truly victorious. She has cried, had her heart broken, and known the depths of loss and pain. But instead of allowing herself to be overcome by them, she has used these challenges to grow, to strengthen her resolve, her belief in herself. She is your intuition, your inner knowing, your connection to and embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She is your beauty. She is your light. She is your truth.

Irene Sposetti

Body Awareness, Contact Improvisation Technique, Experiential Anatomy, Touch and Voice – The sessions will develop through movement investigations, individual/ partnering/ group exercises, dance improvisation scores, verbal sharing and group reflections. We will explore the complementary forces living in our women bodies and spirits. 

​Water – Awakening the liquidity of our body structure, its sensuality and high sensitivity, its connection to nurturing trustful inner waters, experiencing deep states of receptivity and surrender increasing our capacity to adapt, follow and intuitively read our partners, read the space, its moods and shifts. 

Fire- Welcoming power, honouring our fierceness and capacity of resilience, increasing our strength and our ability to fight. Training our capacity of setting boundaries, of saying no, exploring how to affirm our individuality and needs, our power of transformation. Earth and fire in our cells, from our Hara expanding and channeling in specific directions. 

As wise alchemist then, aware and creative, playfully dancing with all elements, their particular densities and dynamics. Yin and Yang interlaced as complementary forces at play, revealing our authenticity and untamed natural beauty.

Caroline Pontual

In the first phase of this class, we stimulate the body through a creative activating vinyasa sequence in order to awaken the body and stimulate the prana (lifeforce energy) to flow.

In the second phase, we explore static postures in order to cultivate and direct the energy flow ( prana or spiritual energy) to certain areas of the body. This System includes yogic tools such as asana, bandhas, mudra, pranayama, mantra, meditation, laya yoga and other components. The practice is directed toward the attainment of the “promise of yoga” to live free and empowered in order to experience the realization of the purpose of life.

Caroline Pontual

It’s a introspective practice that invites meditation, self awareness, calmness and relaxation. The postures a held for long periods, removing tension in the connective tissues, stimulating the nadis ( meridians) on the body and releasing emotions. 

This practice invites you to drop into the bliss of surrender and relaxation it is as well an excellent practice for those feeling tired, stressed or over stimulated 


A Shamanic experience of HEALING and PROTECTION

Rebalance your system and attune to the basic elements of life.

Earth – How grounded do you feel?

Air – Do you have the space to be who you are?

Fire – Are you full or depleted? Where is your yes to life?

Water – Can you relax and let go into what life is showing you at this time?

I will ask how you are then invite you to lie down, making you comfortable. Tuning in to you, I open to the power of spirit and healing using:


Caroline Pontual

Chi Nei Tsang is more than a massage, in fact is an energetic, strengthening and detoxification treatment focused hands on the visceral organs, which will has a tremendous positive effect in the entire body and mind. In practical terms Chi Nei Tsang is very beneficial for: relieving intestinal blockages, cramps, knots, lamps, scar tissues, menstrual cramps, poor blood circulation, back pain, infertility, impotence, headaches and many other problems.

Caroline Pontual

Caroline offers one-on-one nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching. During the session, she will discuss about your health, life style and your goals, in order to find a perfect diet and manageable routine, to make you feel and look Amazing!! These sessions can be combined with Chi Nei Tsang for even deeper results.

Is this really for you?

Do you feel confused about what and when you should eat?
Are you tired of relying on coffee to get you through the day?
Do you want to feel healthier but don’t know where to begin?
Would you like to improve your levels of happiness and wellness?


This body work based on the principles of Ayurveda, is a unique combination of different healing techniques, customized to the individual requirements.

Through deep tissue massage as a way to release muscular stress and passive yoga stretches for realignment, this work detoxifies the body and activate the innate healing capacity.

Since the approach of this work is meditative and held in a space of presence and respect, it balances the subtle energies and leave the receiver in a state of profound peace, inner rootedness, self love and acceptance.


We all hide deep inside of us a beautiful Divine Essence called “Higher Self”, “Spirit”, etc. that we are able to communicate by using our intuition. Through these sessions you can connect with that Sacred Part of yours, that resides behind your personality, your expectations, your believes, your emotions.

Agapi will help you to receive the information that you need to hear on that specific moment of your life, without any interference of any part that it is not your Higher – Sacred Self. The information can cover all aspects and sectors of your life and can help you discover the real reasons that influence the way you create your reality and make the changes you need in order to manifest a better quality of life.

Lin Holmquist

In this workshop we open up to the divine primal force KUNDALINI SHAKTI trough meditations, massage and soft de-armoring of the body. When you open up your Kundalini your creativity and energy increases and your power to manifest yourself in life grows. With that comes a deep responsibility to be true to your core values and your heart. 


We as women are the custodians of love, women are connected to the creation principle. God is love and love is god. Naturally we are centered in our heart, where love, self love and compassion resides. In this session we will explore how we can open the heart and trust into life with totality and nurture the life we want. Through powerful meditations we can expand our love and also access the healing qualities of our heart, which naturally transforms poison into nectar.


Playfulness and creativity hold a magic key to tap into the present moment. In this realm we become the co creator with the divine. Sacred theatre is an ancient form of art, where we can embody divinity, archetypes and the divine transmission. Together we will co create a theatrical expression like dance, performance, theatre, mime or similar and experience magic. Life is Leela – the divine play.


Our senses are doorways into bliss. All our 5 senses are not only there to communicate and get in touch with the world around us but also to get in touch with the world within us. A woman’s body is extremely sensitive but we learned to desensitise ourselves in order not to feel too much. Through opening and healing our outer senses we can heal and access more pleasure within the state of oneness is easily achieved when all our senses are wide open.


Women are born psychic by nature, in early days they were the guides of the tribes as channels, oracles, healers and midwifes.
With love and playfulness we are going to open up your natural psychic gifts of intuition so you can live your life connected with spirit. Learn how to get in tune with your own body and listen to your inner voice. This is will give you a whole new set of tools to access and experience life.


Mahamudra is a Tantra term, which means the great gesture arising out of the orgasm with the universe. Describing the enlightenment as a merging with the whole. Our female spirituality is to disappear into oneness with all there is. This wonderful meditation using the methods of Latihan to become empty and prayer to receive the divine is a true pearl that opens you to the divine and be filled by it. We are having the rare fortune to have this powerful meditation accompanied by live music. Tarisha and her musicians will be tuned into the moment making this an unforgettable experience of the beyond.


One wound we as women carry is one of not being seen, recognised and appreciated by other women. They may be scared of their own light, power or beauty and therefore cannot fully welcome those qualities in another. This can show as jealousy, resentment or negative judgements and it hurts.

We need to move into a time of collaboration, support and deep care for one another, celebrating each other’s qualities, learning from each other, honouring the gifts that each woman brings. 

Using the cauldron of shamanism, we will create a ceremony where first we give our shame and fear to the FIRE, call in clarity (AIR) so that we can see ourselves and others clearly, fully embody the qualities we recognise in ourselves using dance (EARTH) and finally with the ease of WATER, love and appreciate all that we see manifest in each woman.

Sukhvinder Sircar

Ma Kali

Goddess of Truth Revolution

“Where is this brilliant lady, this black light beyond luminosity?

Though I have never seen her, simply hearing her name,

the mind becomes absorbed completely in her astonishing reality.

Om Kali! Om Kali! Om Kali!

– Ramprasad Sen

What is it like to experience the fierce love of the Goddess in battle? She sports in the end times.

Today, we all are in the deep churning cauldron of Kali. To know her is to love her. What would it be like to surrender our shadows, our bondages, our karmic blocks, our fears over to her? That’s nothing that is hidden from her. It takes courage to invite her in, but when you do, you receive her precious gift of freedom. She is fierce wisdom and liberating grace.

If it is Order you are looking for, she’s the one for you. Kali teaches now for each one of us to come into our deepest integrity and highest truth. Are you ready to die to the old? When one can accept death as a part of transformation, Kali sets them free of the Cycle. Then one can join her in the dance of perpetual becoming.

Come and join for an experiential introduction to the Dark Goddess who initiates inner revolution. We will know her through mantra, meditation and dance.

Ma Lakshmi

She who gifts life

Look at beauty’s gift to us-
her power is so great she enlivens
the Earth, the sky, our

~ Mirabai

A goddess is not a myth or a legend of far away times. She exists outside of time & space, always accessible. Let’s meet her in this timeless place.

Goddess Lakshmi is perhaps the most potent Shakti driving our life at this time. She is the embodiment of abundance, beauty, dharma, desires and ultimate freedom. Her teachings are very profound, leading one to live life that is filled with meaning, abundance, pleasure and freedom. She’s easily the most sought after goddess today.

She’s a goddess. She’s a woman. She’s divine essence. Through her 4 hands, Goddess Lakshmi embodies: Dharma ~ right living, living from one’s blueprint of life Artha – abundance, wealth Kama ~ desire, sensuality, love Moksha ~ freedom, ultimate liberation.

When you finally meet her, you will be surprised how intimately you have always known her. Come for an experiential introduction to the grace of Ma Lakshmi. We will know her through mantra, meditation and dance.

Ma Saraswati

Conscious Creation

She who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon,

whose pure white garland is like frosty dew drops,

Adorned in radiant white attire,

Her beautiful arm holds the veena,

and her throne is a white lotus.

Goddess Saraswati is perhaps the most subtle, most beautiful and divine aspect of the Devi. She is divine wisdom, creative expression and sacred sound. She is the mother of all mantras, songs and speech. Every alphabet of Sanskrit contains cosmic mysteries.

Deep inside of us is embedded the creative impulse. Knowing Ma Saraswati is an entry into conscious creation. As we become increasingly conscious (self-realised), we open to deeper levels of creativity (self-expression), and ultimately our role as conscious co-creators emerges.

When you know her, she fires your inspiration and creativity. As the ‘the flowing one’, she nourishes the mind and intellect with purity and grace.

Come and join for an experiential introduction to Ma Saraswati, who initiates our creativity. We will know her through mantra, meditation and dance.


Connecting our feminine trinity of power, love and intuition within us, with eachother and with Mother Earth.

Praying for ourselves, Humankind and the Earth through Sacred songs.

Singing from the essence within we meet ourselves and one another in a space for the Heart and Soul. We sing to each other and let the songs and voices touch us deeply. This always gives way for more Love to be felt and experienced.


A deep and peaceful nourishing meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Shantishime, Shamandrum weaved intuitively with the voice of Mahima.

A magical receiving time that brings Earth and Heaven together into Unity in the Heart – to ignite the Star of David within ourselves.


Tanmaya is offering work for women, based on her own journey as a woman into loving herself and tuning in with the divine feminine.

Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. She initially studied as an actress and singer before falling in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities. She has studied extensively with Tantra master Ma Ananda Sarita for several years and is now teaching in both India and Europe. Her playful approach to teaching is balanced by her profound depth of experience in Meditation and healing. It is her passion to help women embrace their nature and awake their true potential for love, ecstasy and orgasmic bliss.

Tarisha is both a singer and songwriter of exceptional talent. She is everyone’s soul sister, calling us to come out of our shells and enter into a divine rapture of sound and silence. Her exquisite voice carries us to the heights of the soul and back again to our shamanic earth. Her range of expression is simply awesome. Tarisha will be composing a special Festival Song, and slowly, day by day this song will evolve into a several part harmony, including movements, connections and dance, creating a magic spell of enchantment.

Sukhvinder Sircar is a powerful midwife of feminine awakening, initiating deep journeys for women to meet the divine feminine. Her signature workshops called ‘Joyous Woman’ is a three part depth work with the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, culminating in Sacred Union~ Inner Marriage. Her training in process work and applied behavioural science, and her initiation into spirituality 21 years ago gives her facilitation a depth and profundity that allows participants to touch their own inner truth. She is also a life and somatic coach. She believes that to meet the goddess, you must become the goddess. ​

In her work to reclaim the feminine she takes the women back into their bodies and wombs. Her Sacred Womb Initiation begins an entirely new journey for women as Shakti.

Her writings can be found in her blog:


was born in Brasil and is currently living and teaching in various resorts in Bali. Caroline is a true wellness activist. She believes a healthy outside starts from the inside. She is devoted to yoga, nutrition, detox and wellness, empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has always been a source of energy, connection, peace and self-development in her life. She completed her 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in the Mysore style in India in 2009 with Barath Sheety and has since completed her advanced level (500-hr) training. Recently she has completed a (300-hr ) training with  Everet Newel at Zuna Yoga School.

Along the way, Caroline has been studying and practicing many healing arts such as Naturopathy, NLP, Ayurveda, Health – Nutrition Coaching and various massage techniques.

Through her holistic approach and knowledge Caroline has developed a unique yoga style. She believes everyone is unique and only an approach supporting individual qualities can lead to well-being. She encourages her students to build a solid foundation with correct alignments and synchronized breath, uniting body, mind and soul into one dance, one sound.

She is a multidisciplinary performing artist, educator and choreographer. While originally from Italy she has spent the last 17 years traveling and living in Europe, India and China.

Her artistic path has been influenced by many different cultures and is deeply intertwined with her self-inquiry, spiritual practices and philosophy. Her dance practice is mainly inspired by Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition Techniques, Experiential Anatomy, Body-Mind Centering, Body Work, Yoga, Meditation and Singing Practices. The main theme of her movement research is Improvisation. 

She believes that a healthy and creative relationship to the body can generate awareness, trust and authenticity in our lives as individual and as collectives. She performs and directs dance performances combining movement, live music and text.

Her choreographies are used in theaters, site specific performances, galleries, fashion shows and video projects. She regularly offers trainings in dance universities, schools and cultural institutes in Europe and Asia. 

Samya is a certified yoga therapist and yoga practitioner for last 15 years as well as an ayurveda-yoga massage therapist and reflexologist. In her sessions Samya combines her vast experience of bodywork together with her love for the body. Her sessions can enhance your well being on the levels of Body, Mind and Soul.

Agapi guides people into a journey of self-transformation and self-love through connecting. Throughout her sessions Agapi truly holds a sacred space connected to your higher self with the intention to transmit anything that her clients need in order to heal their childhood traumas, reconnect with their real Self and access the fields of Unconditional love!

Mahima carries an essence of the earthly deep feminine and the high masculine light energies.

Weaving sacred sounds of her enchanting voice with Shaman Drums, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls Mahima shares the ancient knowledge of the power of sound that she carries with deep reverence. She has developed a unique blend through the union of her lifepaths of sacred sound, yoga, shamanism and tantra. Surrendered Leadership is what she calls the way she leads her own Life and the way she inspire others. Mahima has an experience of 20 years in leading groups and individuals and puts the emphasis on the inner world by trusting in our own inner guidance. 


Date & Time :  

Check in : 8th Dec 2017 (12.00 PM)

Check out :  13th Dec 2017 (04.00 PM)


Contact 1 : Bobby
Phone : +91 9654324972

Contact 2 : Kopal
Phone : +91 9250361909

Women are deeply emphatic, bonded and connected. It is encoded in our biological program to love and nurture. This Shakti Fest offers us the possibility to be nurtured, to discover our beauty and potential and to embrace our Goddess Nature.

Shakti Fest India - A Goddess Gathering for the new world : Would you like to know more?

  • *A Women-only Festival

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.