Terrarium Workshop

In this workshop, we will learn the art of making terrariums for ourselves, family and friends. By giving them their own gardening space, this artistic workshop we will be taught how to design a terrarium using vivid colours and decorations.

Using glass containers, plants, sand and pebbles, we will walk through a few simple techniques that transform succulents, sand and soil into breathtaking terrariums. With demonstrations and hands-on help along the way, we will practically be terrarium gurus in no time!!

A platform to raise environmental awareness among both children and adults, this workshop is an exciting opportunity to be part of the green revolution in Delhi/NCR. Getting our hands dirty working in the lap of nature, will not only be a fun activity but creatively stimulating too.

As a gift, each participant will get to take their creation home, and each terrarium-maker will get a free toy!!



Happy Planting team is a blend of creativity and technical wizardry. Our team of four founders are highly educated professionals that come from Bio-technology, Botany, Engineering & Business Management credentials. We have worked in the best companies in India, Middle East, United Kingdom and North America, but chose to pursue our love for plants, making our hobby into our profession. We are proud to boast about our backup team of panel Scientists in the Horticulture & Floriculture Departments of IARI, who offer value added advice to us for our clients.


Date & Timing : 11th Feb, 2017 (10.30 AM – 1.00 PM)


Contact : Ritu
Phone : +91 9250361909
Email : awake@zorbathebuddha.org

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