Magic of Clay : Pottery & Ceramics Classes

If pottery and working with clay interests you, then ‘The Magic of Clay’ is for you. It includes various elements of wheelwork, hand building, preparing the clay-wedging, to centering, pulling, glazing and firing.

Course Details:
Days: Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun .
Timings: 11AM – 1PM

Contact : Shia
Phone : +91 9717469268
Email :

Teacher: Neha
neha_potteryTraining under the master studio potter Rachna Prasher, Neha is a well known potter based in Delhi. Participated in group shows exhibitions fairs  India habitat Centre AIFACS Swiss embassy and other fairs. She received professional training in high temperature stoneware techniques under Rachna Prasher and in low temperature glazing techniques from Andretta Pottery- Himachal Pradesh under Mansimran Singh. She has also taught Pottery and  Clay modelling at Rishi Gurukulam School in Pune.


Paint the World : Painting Classes

Introduce yourself to new materials, techniques, concepts and processes essential to understanding visual arts, through a series of sketches, drawings, paintings and individual expression using acrylics, oils and water colours. The class will explore drawing as an art form for those looking to start drawing for the first time as well as those wishing to improve their existing talents. 

What will you learn?

* Life drawing both from live model and still life installations.

* Representational drawing.

* Measuring techniques.

* Structure, Composition, Line, Tone.

* Expressive approaches and mixed media use.


Days: Sat & Sun
Timings: 11AM – 1PM

Contact : Chittaranjan
Phone : +91 9811328334
Email :


Teacher: Basist Kumar

ArtistBasist is a contemporary artist based in New Delhi. He has studied in India’s foremost universities, completing his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art and Masters from ShantiNiketan, West Bengal. Basist has completed a Senior Scholar Program in China giving him a major exposure to Chinese contemporary art practice. 

Sublimity is an integral characteristic of his work where it allows the viewer to discover their own imaginative spaces. He likes to create a sense of timelessness, which exudes a pictorial mystery carrying undercurrents of philosophical subject matters. Basist’s spiritual inclination offers a different plane of reality, which is cherished and portrayed through the mystical atmosphere in his creations.